Esmeraldas: The Green Province


Esmeraldas is well known around Latin America for be the land birth of most of the soccer players that are in Ecuadorian soccer team.

Esmeraldas is a coastal city in northwestern Ecuador. Its capital is the Esmeraldas canton, which is the province capital. The city is the principal trading hub for the region’s agricultural and lumber resources, and is the terminal of the 313-mile (504-km) Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline from the oil fields in northeastern Ecuador.

Getting Around

You can start your trip in the north at the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve, where you will find the tallest mangroves in the world (some over 64 meters), especially those at Majagual Forest, told by a Japanese technical mission for world mangrove reforestation. The reserve harbors 55,000 hectares of untouched mangrove forests, uninhabited beaches, and abundant fauna, and offers excellent bird watching opportunities. Limones town features the beach forests of Canchimalero and the Canal de Santa Rosa, which provide outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities, including enormous bird colonies and rare mammals.

History & Culture

Early History

European feet first touched Ecuadorian soil here, when the Spanish landed on the Pacific coast in 1526. The conquistadors were astounded to find Indians bedecked in emeralds awaiting them on shore. Convinced that the region was abundant in the brilliant gems, they named it Esmeraldas.



San Lorenzo

The largest town north of Esmeraldas, offers an excellent beach and restaurants ,its famous for the Marimba festival, held every May, draws thousands of visitors for three joyous days of Marimba music and dancing.



Half an hour to the south part of Esmeraldas, There are a twenty-four hour thatched-roof bars right on the sand serve up sinful tropical fruit drinks to the pounding of all kind music. Ecuadorians and foreigners alike stroll along the jumbled oceanfront row of hotels and restaurants.


Playa Escondida

Tucked away and hidden to the south of Atacames fourteen kilometers from the nearest village lay “Playa Escondida”, this ecological reserve of 100 hectares that boasts a safe, private, pristine beach offers in the other hand a relaxing, calm alternative for families and travelers.



Close to Atacames, is a small fishing village named Sua, if you want some peace and quiet away from the partying in Atacames, Sua Beach is the place to be. It’s peacefully but still has tourism infrastructure and activities to feel comfortable and not get bored. The beach forms a beautiful a crescent shaped bay, surrounded by hills and cliffs, with calm waters and shelter from the wind. From the beach you have a fabulous view of Atacames and Tonsupa beaches.



Same beach is one of the more exclusive areas in Esmeraldas province. Nestled in the hills is an iconic private community called Club Casablanca, which has over 800 apartments and a hotel with a nine hole golf course, tennis courts and a marina. Same beach itself is lined with Mediterranean style beachfront properties and stretches for approximately 2 km.



Mompiche (Cove of Mompiche) is a tropical paradise, filled with exotic birds and wildlife. Is one of the most beautiful areas along of the coastal region of Ecuador, and the beach stretches north east for almost 16 km all the way to the river estuary at Muisne. It is broad beach white sand. Surfing is a popular attraction throughout the year.