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Pacific Coast


The Pacific Coast comprises the low-lying land in the western part of the country, including the Pacific coastline.

It has wide diverse landscapes, ranging from the blue of the ocean, green mangroves to tropical forest causes of the hot and humid climate during the year.

The Ecuadorian coast, allows travelers to experience a unique and attractive environment to practice exciting water sports like surfing, jet sky, kite surf but also diving and snorkeling and others due to the warm sea currents throughout the whole year. The provinces here as well are benefited of excellent cuisine therefore their rich culture in sea food.

Getting Around

Following this route, nature lovers have the opportunity to explore unique dry forests and cloud forests, with their unique fauna and flora, dive within coral reefs surrounded by exotic sea life, admire the numerous bird species of the region, and submerge themselves in isolated and exotic beaches

History & Culture

Early History

Ecuador coastal provinces hold vestiges of an amazingly rich history. The most antique cultures of America settled here on the Coasts of South America. The Ecuadorian Coast was populated by the oldest known cultures of the country, such as Valdivia (3,500 to 1,800 b.C.).