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“Ecuador, Diverse and Beautiful”

A microcosm of sensations and flavors in the middle of the world: that’s Ecuador. “An exceptional country, where all the cultures, folks and landscapes match together and merge to form the most perfect combination in the world”, “Ecuador, beautiful and diverse”, “the country closest to the sun”, “a place Where you’ll always want to go back “These are just some of the expressions that it visitors used to described its journey in here.

Ecuador is one of the 17 th most diverse countries in the world. It is located at the northwest part of South America, and is partly cover by the Equatorial line. A country surrounded by mountains, glaciers, jungles and forests, thousands of wildlife species, beaches and unique islands just in one place. Hosting a wide variety of species, most of them endemic from the Galapagos Islands and the Yasuni National Park in the Amazon Rainforest.

Ecuador has four geographic regions and 24 provinces: Pacific Coast, Highlands, Amazon Rainforest and Galápagos Islands.

It has an estimated population of 14.5 million inhabitants; its main language is Spanish (94% of the population) and 13 endemic languages spoken by the communities that inhabit in this wonderful and pluricultural country including Quichua, Shuar, among others.

In Ecuador there are 3 important cities where the economic and political powers of the country are concentrated, Quito its capital, declared Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978 for having the best preserved and least altered Old Town in Latin America, Cuenca declared Heritage of Humanity in 1999 and Guayaquil considered the largest city in the country with its international port and its fishing industry.

Ecuador, geographilly speaking, has a total area of 283,560 km2, including the Galapagos Islands. Therefore, 276,840 km2 is land and 6,720 km2 is water.